Here at Black Valve Media have always tried our best to support Blank Slate. If you don’t know, they are an all ages DIY venue in Elyria, OH. When I was younger, I always tried to set up shows in my small town in Indiana so I can somewhat relate to the plight of bringing arts & culture to rural America. It’s not always easy.

It’s extremely important for the young people in a community to have a place to go. It can literally save lives. It’s also a great place for bands who are on tour to share their talents. Blank Slate has an amazing reputation with touring bands and it’s for good reason. Not to mention it’s a great place to check out some art!

Blank Slate wants to take a step to make themselves more sustainable. Join us in supporting them! Read more about their GoFundMe below and check out a video we made showcasing what they do a while back.

Today we would like to announce our plan to create a space within Blank Slate that would allow us to provide affordable, high quality coffee and espresso drinks both during shows and events as well as eventually on a permanent basis.
— Blank Slate's GoFundMe