Last May, Netflix’s original film had some of their scenes filmed at our studio in Cleveland! The movie is now officially out and we even got a chance to go to the Cleveland premiere at Capitol Theatre hosted by the Cleveland Film Commission. We had such a blast having a movie like this filmed in our space and having awesome actors like K.J. Apa, Sosie Bacon, Maia Mitchel and many others at our studio.

Not only was it cool to have this movie filmed it Cleveland, but it also created over 200 jobs for people, engaged with over 175 other local businesses and provided opportunities for Cleveland hotels. It was pretty special to be one of the businesses impacted by this film!

Also, you look closely in one of the scenes toward the beginning, our co-owner, Evan Prunty was in a quick shot as an extra as well as our studio dog, Davin! Watch the trailer below and make sure to check out The Last Summer on Netflix!