Last night, Black Valve hosted a special exhibition for local artist, Shelly Duncan's photography and zines. The event also served as a little goodbye party as Shelly will be leaving for California in the next couple weeks for several months! The art show featured a series of portraits, landscape shots and creative photography from Shelly that she took both in Cleveland and in other places around the U.S. 


During this exhibit Shelly also premiered a zine called "Boys Don't Cry" which featured a series of portraits as well as quotes from the models. The zine featured models, Christian Williams (cover), Kevin Inthavong and Zach Griffin as well as graphic design by Shane Converse


The show also featured a couple of Shelly's modeling photos, taken by Evan Prunty and Amanda Specht


We had a blast hanging out with everyone and helping Shelly showcase some of her amazing photos! Be sure to check out more of her work on Instagram: @Ash_Shelly. If you didn't get a chance to catch the exhibit, Shelly will have some prints up for sale on our website soon, so keep a look out! 

If you or an artist you know is interested in hosting an exhibit in Black Valve's studio, shoot an email to