Promotional Video

What better way to promote your business than by letting your customers really get to know the ideas and people that make your business happen. 

Music Video

The best way to get your audience to listen to your new single is to have a stunning visual to accompany it.  With the popularity of the full album length music video increasing the creative process behind your visual art is paramount.


Combining the best aspects of your live performance with studio quality is a recipe for success. Your fans won't be able to decide which version of their favorite song is the best one! We've been producing the Live From Bad Racket series for two years now! So we have plenty of experience with this type of video.


Documentary filmmaking is now the classic way to tell real life stories. In our world we have access to ever growing platforms Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon, etc. With this platforms the art of the documentary film continues to captivate audiences. We have extensive documentary filmmaking experience.  

Wedding Video

Capturing all the important moments of your special day in a professionally done wedding video can help you relive one of the most important days of your life over and over again.

Live Performance Video

Live performance video is of the best ways to share your personality with your audience! Having the best quality audio and video for your performance will give your audience a perspective they wouldn't have been able to have otherwise. If you're coming to Cleveland, Ohio we have extensive knowledge of a majority of the venues so we are more than prepared to give you the best product. 

Product Video

There are many ways to share you business or brand in the internet age. None better than online video. Sharing your video on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. engages with your audience in a way that text can't. 


Editorial Video

Video is one of the best ways to dive deeper into a topic and get real people's opinions and thoughts. You can tell your stories and opinions as well as others. Popular sites like Vice have made this form of video extremely popular on the internet today. It's time to make it your own.

Professional Editing Services

Having solid editing can turn almost any project into a successful one. You can have a beautifully shot project but if you don't put the pieces together correctly all can be lost. We include editing in our production services but we can also take video you've already recorded it and put it together for you.

projector & Screen Rental

Black Valve Media has a 20 foot projector screen and projector available for rental. For more info click the link below.



Past Videos


Behind the Scenes