About Us

Black Valve Media is a media production company located in Cleveland, Ohio and founded by cousins Evan and Hunter Prunty. Both Cleveland natives, they wanted to create a media company that has the highest of quality, but can serve any company or issue — no matter the size or impact. With a Cleveland-based team and rapidly growing connections around the United States and the world, Black Valve is committed to growing and improving on bringing quality visual arts production to clients far and wide.

From small projects to large scale productions, we have you covered.

With a growing team of diverse videographers, editors, animation artists, photographers and audio engineers, Black Valve has the ability to create a range of projects or provide services for those needing to elevate their own. We provide video production services ranging from national commercials, to directing music videos for local music artists. Our photo services Based in a multi-service video and photo studio in Tyler Village, Cleveland, the company also prides itself in providing a space for artists and creatives to work on their projects.